Pick-Me-Ups & The Cold That Would Never End (UPDATED)

I have had this cold for the past two weeks but as of late it’s become so aesthetically unpleasing that I had to stay home from work for two and a half days (UPDATE: this turned into a week) I just could not miss another day (UPDATE: I’m the kind of person who tries to power through an illness instead of seeing a doctorMy philosophy used to be if I ain’t broke or bleeding what they gonna do? I’ve changed my stance completely on this now. As the lovely people around me have been saying ‘you’re ill, go to the doctor!’)

This is a total pity party I’m throwing so in honour of that I’m going through my favourite pick me up past times, these include;

1. Hot bath, candles everywhere and a lush bathbomb…I’m down to my last one, the unicorn type rainbow one.

I recently went on a romantic day trip with the man to Stratford but couldn’t resist a Lush visit. The Stratford store is so lovely, the staff are just so helpful. I used up all the hair bar Jason and the Argon Oil hair bar, it was fantastic but I was less than impressed with the American Cream conditioner. It went off really quickly starting out as a white formula and turning grey, quite off putting  so I had to chuck it after 3 uses.

2. watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s (it is by no means a perfect film, the moment you see Mickey Rooney you’ll understand, plus Doc Golightly is creepy but played off as sweet. Despite that Audrey and George are awesome.)

It’s a shame I couldn’t find a gif where he gives that lil speech outside the cab door but oh well had a goosey gander and found so many scenes, so many gifs…fighting the temptation to gif the whole movie.

3. Galaxy Hot Chocolate ftw! Galaxy is the perfect chocolate but they really don’t want to capitalize the way Cadbury have. Where is my Galaxy chocolate factory tour or my Galaxy advent calendar come December? You’re missing a trick there Mars.

UPDATE: I started this post ages ago and the cold is still here but now I know it’s something called sinusitis and I’m on my second course of antibiotics. Bless Rhys and my mate Toria who have all taken such good care of me 🙂 

Anywazzle what do you do when you’ve been knocked down by illness or the blues or the mean reds?


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