My Valentine’s Day on a budget: RHYS DON’T READ THIS


I know some might see this holiday as just another cynical ploy by the card and chocolate companies (and every other company) but it’s such a great excuse to show the people in your life how much you love them that I always do something on V-day, even when I was single.

It can be super expensive though in the aftermath of Christmas and then our anniversary is at the end of January so my purse tends to be kind of empty come Feb 14th. Just so I know I’m not confusing anyone when I say anniversary me and the man aren’t married yet it’s just the anniversary of our first date…sort of. It’s a long story and one day I might tell you all. All nine of you 🙂

Anyhoozle back to the point on our 1st Valentine’s together we winged it, I baked him heart shaped cookies and he bought me every version of Galaxy chocolate he could find. He knows the way to my heart. From there we’ve kind of started competing on who could bake the loveliest best heart shaped confection. Because love is a competition and I’m winning, at least that’s what I say to the boyfriend to wind him up.

Pinterest is great for some off the wall Valentine’s inspired recipes, check them out, that’s where I found these Lauren Conrad Surprise Heart Cupcakes that I’ll be dishing up on the day. He’ll think I’ve only made some boring vanilla cupcakes then BAMF! He’ll know he’s been beat, unless he comes up with something more interesting, which is a total possibility. This will be quite easy on my budget because our household is an ALDI household, love that shop.

I love baking so these kind of gifts are right up my street!

My Moving In Pink Swirl Cupcakes


If baking isn’t your thing try these frugal gift ideas for lads or ladies or whatever your preference;

1. A love letter [if you’ve got the courage for this one, go for it! I bought a writing set for this but you can go with regular stationary just remember it’s the words that matter]IMG_0912

2. The PoundWorld Raid also known as going to the local PoundWorld, Poundshop or if you’re really trying to scrimp the 99p store and getting your loved one all the random stuff that will make them smile.

3. A picture is worth a 1,000 words so hit up your local charity shops and find a frame that suits, print out a classic pic of the pair of you and sign a love note on the back. Personally I would forgo buying photo-paper and save the pennies, regular paper looks shiny through the glass to. (If you don’t have a printer, hit up your office perhaps, family or friends and spread the love)


Have I missed a budget friendly Valentine’s idea? What are you doing for V-day? Let me know in the comments below.



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