Peter Pan Goes Wrong @ Bham Rep Theatre: Review

About a week and a half ago (sorry) I attended the THEE-A-TER…that’s how I say it, getting all melodramatic about the subject. Don’t you just love it when you get free tickets to stuff, well Peter Pan Goes Wrong was gorgeous. From beginning til end it was slapstick, tongue in cheek, dark humoured fun and it was a crime that it ran for only a week. But don’t fret gorgeous people the Mischief theatre group who put on this awesome show are on tour, to see if they’re coming to your hometown click the link below. The premise is that it’s a college drama group putting on a Christmas (pantomime) vignette of Peter Pan but everything and I mean everything goes well wrong. Maybe the set falls apart, maybe the set falls apart on top of the actors, maybe the director is losing it and audience interaction is encouraged. My face ached from laughter, couldn’t recommend this one more.


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