Kingsman: The Secret Service Review


Hello lovely people, I saw the Kingsman yesterday and in all honestly I saw it under duress. The love of my life wanted to see that or Ex Machina and I was quick to point out the lack of human women in either of the trailers so I wasn’t super hyped for the cinema. I know it’s a whiny feminist thing (I am a feminist, equal opportunities for the win) but I get bored when it’s just a massive sausage fest on the screen. Guys are great and all but really is the population of England made up of 70% men? cause that’s what you’d think from the Kingsman and most other Hollywood fare.

Back to the point, so the Kingsman (I’m gonna stop writing the full name now) was basically Kickass. Don’t get me wrong the story isn’t a straight up rehash but it’s about a boy who isn’t appreciated who gets to kick some ass (see what I did there?) and feel a sense of self worth at the end when he’s a hero. Same director, writers, comic book movie adaptation, some returning cast members and some awesome fight scenes. The movie doesn’t take itself seriously at all and lets you know where the inspiration came from directly talking about the Pine Studios spy capers, James Bond, Jason Bourne and other cads but like Kick Ass 2 it was a good looking film but failed to deliver for me.

At the end me and the man in my life turned to each other and did the the international sign for “meh, it was alright.”

He’s a feminist to (anyone who believes in the equal rights of men and women) so we were both pleasantly surprised to see females in the running to become kingsmen but the main female out of the total 4 women used has no personality, try to describe 3 things about her…um she’s afraid of heights and is willing to shoot her pets but she cares about chavs, she’s bland there I said it. The mom is a council estate hag caricature and the villainess is…damnit she’s awesome, she is a stone cold bad ass with swords for legs, differently abled has never been more appropriate than when describing Giselle (originally a bloke in the comic). But the film isn’t too bothered with sexism, its class-ism that really gets its goat up. On that front it’s nice to see a funny movie talk about this kind of prejudice in England and how a lot of us (myself included) just don’t care about climate change and really we should.

What this film does fantastically, apart from the action is subverting expectations, the villain kinda has a point, chavs aren’t always bad and gentlemen aren’t always good. Another gripe at one point Colin Firth stops the protagonist from beating the hell out of his step dad for giving his mom a black eye. That seems to be against the movies moral code but massacring a church of bigots, blowing the heads off elitist bastards and insinuating Barack Obama would be up for genocide is A-Okay.

Overall it’s fun but flawed. There’s a lot of cgi gore and violence, so be warned if that ain’t your cup of tea, don’t watch. It is nice to see Samuel L. Jackson (genius geek billionaire), Colin Firth (he was all confident, just how I like my Mr Darcy) and that guy from Coupling (slick secret agent) all get to play characters that aren’t usually offered to them but I won’t be adding it to my DVD collection.

Just so you know…there will be a SEQUEL!

Will you show up? What did you think of Kingsman? Let me know in the comments below.




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