Eating Clean & Conciously: Raw Brownies w/Galaxy Caramel Eggs

raw brownies with galaxy caramel eggs, deliciously ella recipe
They were Healthy Raw Brownies till the boyfriend got his hands on them!


Being neither slim nor obese I have yo-yo’d through numerous diets throughout the years and in my early twenties, I’m 27 now, I realised thanks to some sensible people that dieting only messed around with the natural way of how you operate. In my unprofessional opinion your body doesn’t want you to be obese, it has a natural healthy weight for you, you’ve just got to listen to it.

One of my more successful weight loss endeavours of yesteryear was hypnotism so after seeing an app for a virtual gastric bypass hypnotherapy app I bought it faster than you could down a brownie.

These tips have come from both my recent hypnosis and hypnosis from years ago. Same rules, different companies but they work.

The rules which aren’t rules really, cause you can mess up as much as you want as long as you get back on the wagon will become second nature to you.

1. drink water (the hunger signal and thirst signal are the same)

2. Eat when you’re hungry

3. Eat slowly and consciously

4. Stop before you get full

From there I started to lose weight and naturally I circled back to vegetarianism but no one wants to do that anymore because there’s a stigma about not getting enough nutrients as a vegetarian. So clean eating has taken over and to be honest I didn’t feel healthy as a vegetarian but with clean eating I’ve been slowly and I mean slowly easing into it and especially with the desserts I don’t get tired and feel guilty or have a sugar crash after eating them. Clean eating is simply eating food that is as close to it’s natural state as possible. For more on clean eating I found this article at Fitness Magazine really helpful.

Clean eating can feel really intimidating if you live outside of London, which I do. I’m close to Birmingham and lets just say it comes less easy here, unless I’m wrong, if you know of any raw restaurants or health food stores let me know! So far I’ve found Simply Fresh but you have to be careful in there, the produce is amazing but they also sell a lot of processed stuff and package it as healthy. Also Holland and Barrett are amazing but any help will be appreciated lovely people. I’m guessing online is where I will find the stuff I need…

Case in point Raw Brownies (only 4 ingredients: Dates, Maple Syrup, Pecans and Cacao powder), my boyfriend made them unhealthy by slotting in Galaxy Caramel Eggs but the overall effect is great and I’m having these again and again and still losing weight. Check out the original recipe from Deliciously Ella, she has tonnes of great recipes. I also like Naturally Sassy and Niomi Smart YouTube channel for inspiring me to eat healthier with some great meal ideas.

I’m just getting into Clean eating so if you’ve got any tips let me know in the comments below? Are you up for raw brownies?


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