My Fav Exercise Routine: 10 mins

Visit the This Girl Can site

If you haven’t got a telly, or you haven’t been to the cinema you might have missed the this girl can campaign that’s going live. How beautiful is that idea, all started because Sport England found that women wanted to exercise more but felt they couldn’t for fear of being judged, not sure on the stats as it’s on the DM.

Now I have done some really fun exercises in my time and some brutal stuff. Yoga, love it, Insanity, done half of it and gave up, tennis, done it, Pilates, love it, Kickboxing, did it and hated it, jogging, hated it, swimming, love it but it messes up my hair care routine (those caps don’t work). So the This Girl Can campaign was nice to see, even though I wish more clothes were worn but maybe that’s the point. Just because they’re larger than a fitness model doesn’t mean they can’t exercise in public.

I’ve been on a tangent lets get back to the point. My favourite of these exercises is Yoga and Pilates and Swimming and the Crosstrainer at the gym. So I decided to do them all or whatever suited me on the day. So I did something impulsive I bought a crosstrainer, a somewhat expensive one but I’m a good saver and the money was there. I’ve also built up quite a fitness dvd collection and my local swimming pool is a nice walk away. I made it easy for myself by simply shoving on a dvd or bring up YouTube on my telly there are tonnes of great ten minute workouts I love this woman Keaira LaShae, she’s just funny and motivational check out the BeFit YouTube Channel.

No Pain, No Gain is for people who don’t like themselves. If I’m in pain it means it’s time to stop. So at first all I did was whatever I wanted to but I said to myself just do ten minutes of anything everyday, you’ve got ten minutes, just do it. Because it was such a small thing it made it so easy for me and over time I’ve built it up some days I do half an hour on my crosstrainer, or an hour of Pilates and some weeks I miss a day or two but as long as I remember that this exercise thing is for life those missed days are anomalies and not the norm.


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